Project Release Services

1.Artist Biography – Your biography is the story of who you are as an artist. In the digital music era the general public is bombarded with new music to listen to every day. A biography can be what puts someone over the edge in order to give you a chance, whether it be a talent buyer for a venue, a music director at radio, a record label, or most importantly a music consumer.

2.Graphic Design – The colors on your website, the fonts on your marketing materials, the treatments on your photographs, the concept of your album artwork. All these design elements give listeners a first glimpse into who you are as an artist and help establish brand identity. It’s important to have a professional and cohesive look and sound in order to compete in todays music industry.Music-Vector-psd48593

3.One Sheet Creation – One sheets are single page promo pieces that are normally send in physical press kits along with your physical CD. The one sheet includes an artist bio, a press photo, contact information, and other promotional information. These elements can also be seamlessly integrated into your Electronic Press Kit and other online marketing.

4.Form Templates – Certain forms exist to protect you and keep you organized as an artist. We can help provide writers session sheets, day sheets for live shows, and a marketing check list for your weekly/monthly needs as an artist to make sure you’re doing all you need to educate and interact well with your fans.

5.ISRC/UPC Codes – ISRC codes are embedded into your album files during mastering, these codes are like your song’s fingerprint, identifying each individual track with its own unique serial number. The UPC Code is what is given to the full album being sold. That’s the barcode number on the back of most products you purchase.
Publishing Services

6.Writer Publishing Company Setup – If you are not already setup with a PRO (performance rights organization) such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC, we take the reigns to make this normally tedious process simple and hassle free.

7.Project Song Registration – We gather and submit all the pertinent information to your PRO (Performance Rights Organization) so you can be paid the royalties you deserve when your songs are played on radio, live, in film and tv, etc.

8.Copyrights – Copyrighting your material protects your information in the long run if there are any disputes about the ownership of your melodies and lyrics.
Data Services

9.Track Encoding and Registration – Much of your independent success is monitored by labels, management companies, booking agencies, charts, etc. through Soundscan which tracks your sales numbers and BDS which monitors your airplay. We set up your music to report to these services. We also upload your music to GraceNote which allows your song titles to be recognized by iTunes when a CD is loaded into a computer.

10.All Music Registration – All Music is the official online database for album credits in the music industry.

11.Metrics System Set Up – Metrics are very important pieces of marketing data. They help identify your fans so you can effectively target them you’re your promotions and touring. Find out who is seeking you out online and where they are from, who’s buying your albums and what drove them there. You may find that the acoustic show you did in the Northeast drove most of your sales on your hottest month. Maybe you will want to play more acoustic shows in the Northeast.
Distribution Services

12.Digital Distribution Setup – We do the behind the scenes work to get your music released on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and hundreds of other national and international digital distribution sites… your music can also be submitted for Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody and other streaming services.

11.Online Marketplace – We utilize Facebook marketplace or other similar services for the integration of your music, merchandise and other relevant information to your website.

13.Physical Online Distribution – We put your physical CD’s in the hands of online outlets such as, Tunecore and CD-baby
Fan Interaction Platform Services

14.Facebook Store Integration – We utilize services such as Facebook marketplace in order to seamlessly link this data to your social media outlets. Your music will be streaming and fans will be able to buy music and merchandise directly from your website and Facebook.

15.Online Streaming & Marketing Site Setup – Setup of online music streaming and marketing sites. These sites often include music stores and streaming samples of your music, most of these sites run contests periodically:
Eventful & OurStage

16.Social Media and Event Syncing – With the number of social networks and marketing platforms on the rise, its important to streamline the updating of calendars and communications with your fans. We will set up an account which will sync all major platforms so you only need to worry about updating your networks once.

17.EPK Setup – We organize and formulate materials for online press kits such as Sonicbids.

Once your business is setup properly we turn all aspects over to you in a very organized and easily manageable system. We are paid only for services rendered, no monthly fees or royalties. You pay us one time and reap the benefits for the lifetime of your album!


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